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Stressless Dining

Stressless Dining

It's not until you sit in a dining chair with movement that you realise what you have been missing all these years.

Endless studies and our own anecdotal evidence agree - we thrive on movement and become subdued when we are restricted.

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Stressless Dining

The gorgeous Stressless dining range is designed to support this basic human instinct to move. The seat slide, recline and balance movement help to keep energy levels high and stimulate conversation.

"The best way to describe our Stressless Dining chairs is "Perfect balance". The perfect balance between delicious food and drink, contagious laughter, great conversation and comfort.

Clean and Modest Dining

The clean and modest design of the Stressless® Bordeaux table makes it a natural gathering point in the dining room. For maximum comfort the dining table has thoughtful details such as rounded corners and smart leg placement to fit perfectly with all Stressless® Dining chairs. The table can be expanded with ease with the separate leaf inserts to accommodate larger occasions. The table is available as a circular version including one integrated leaf plus two rectangular sizes with space for two leaf inserts.

Stressless Bordeaux Table

Laurel Low & High Back

Add some flavor to your dining area. With clean lines and Scandi design, the Stressless Laurel brings the world renowned Stressless comfort to the table. The unique BalanceAdapt-system combined with the Glide-system makes the chair move with your body – now everybody can sit like kings and queens.

Laurel Dining Chair

Mint Low & High Back

Experience true Stressless® comfort with Stressless® Mint. The dining chairs’ soft and inviting design makes it perfect for enjoyable moments around the dining table. The innovative flexibility in the seat and back allows the dining chair to follow the slightest movement of the body. This way you can enjoy the meal even longer. Choose between high and low back, with or without armrests.

Mint Dining Chair

Bay Low & With Optional Arms

Stressless® Bay, oozes with Scandinavian style, bringing the world-renowned Stressless® comfort to the dining table. With its subtle flexibility in the seat and back that follows your movements, allowing you to take a load off with your sitting position. This makes extended time at the table, or long dinners much more comfortable.

Bay Dining Chair

Stressless Vanilla Dining Chair

Experience true Stressless® comfort with Stressless® Vanilla. The dining chairs’ inviting design, with box edge cushioning and sidewalls that are accentuated by beautiful French seams, makes it perfect for enjoyable moments around the dining table.

Stressless Vanilla Dining Chair