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Stressless Dining

Stressless Dining

Stressless Dining

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Stressless Dining Collection

Its not until you sit in a dining chair with movement that you realise what you have been missing all these years.

Endless studies and our own anecdotal evidence agrees - we thrive on movement and become subdued when we are restricted.

The gorgeous Stressless dining range is designed to support this basic human instinct to move. The seat slide, recline and balance movement help to keep energy levels high and stimulate conversation.

"The best way to describe our Stressless Dining chairs is “Perfect balance”. The perfect balance between delicious food and drink, contagious laughter, great conversation and comfort."

Stressless Dining Chair

Stressless Dining Chair
4 Models - Chilli, Laurel, Mango, Rosemary
2 Sizes - High Back, Low Back
2 Styles - D100, D200
And dozens of colour option.

  1. Chilli
  2. Laural
  3. Mango
  4. Rosemary
  1. Low
  2. High
  1. D200
  2. D100
  1. Wood for dining
  1. Calido
  2. Silva
  3. Batick
  4. Paloma
Total: £399 with FREE delivery

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