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Why Buy From Us

'Peace of Mind' Checklist

Why choose Back in Action as your supplier!

There's never been more need to choose the right supplier.
We are a privately owned company run on strict ethics and more than a little passion.
We don't believe in borrowing money for high growth, nor huge advertising spends. Most of our customers have bought from us before or are sent to us by word of mouth. Our reward has come in this recession, as we have no borrowings, and have been able to maintain stock and service levels and our business is therefore still growing year to date!
How many others are able to say that this year?
We've worked for 20+ years to create an exceptional reputation. It helps us stand out from the crowd. Compare us with others so that you are totally confident in choosing us.

Does the company supply products to adults as well as children?

For items that grow to adulthood. You will need ongoing advice as circumstances change. The item will be used by children and teens, not just babies

Back in Action Status:

Back in Action are ergonomic experts, handling the whole age range from birth to retirement and beyond. We can advise on correct set up right through to adulthood.

Is stock already in the warehouse?

Many companies are using your cash to buy in stock after they get your order. This can cause big delays and frustrating time chasing.

Back in Action Status:

When we say we have stock we mean it's on our shelves. We also confirm stock on our web site, whilst most others don't.

Is there a published telephone contact number?

Some companies insist on email contact only. Is it worth saving a pound on purchase and then being unable to contact your supplier?
(Lets face it deliveries can go wrong. With us very rarely but once in a blue moon it happens.)

Back in Action Status:

We publish a number for each store and a customer service number. See above under store pics.

Is a reputable brand name used for deliveries?

Lost and damaged deliveries are a real pain: We've had to drop delivery companies because they dropped our precious goods! Make sure your supplier uses a top notch delivery courier.

Back in Action Status:

Once we've processed your order we use Interlink Express 24 hr. Barring traffic delays they deliver before 3, allowing you time to contact our stores if anything is wrong.

Does the company have debts?

You can rely on your credit card if a company goes belly up. But oh the time delay and hassle. Companies with no borrowings are almost immune from financial difficulty.

Back in Action Status:

Back in Action has no business borrowing and owns all its stock (over £1m).

Does the company have a long trading record?

Many companies start up and go in a flash: These products will last for years. Make sure your supplier will too.

Back in Action Status:

After your purchase, if something should deteriorate prematurely you will be supported by the UK's leading Stokke Dealer (for over 15 years in a row). We supply MOD, RAF, NATO, and as you can imagine we had to be approved for this.

Is there a history of excellent customer service?

You don't want to suffer from Delivery hassle, invoice queries, etc. or have difficulty with spare parts in future.

Back in Action Status:

Check out our feedback: we are very proud of it. You will notice how many people feel moved to write to us about our old fashioned good service and friendly attitude.

Can you walk into a store and speak to staff face to face?

Nowadays you can achieve great prices from real stores. Real stores can‚?Tt run away so offer more reliable internet service.

Back in Action Status:

Back in Action have four beautiful retail stores (see above).
You can choose to collect your item and be personally instructed.

Does the company use a call centre?

Call centres may answer quickly but do they understand the products? Do the staff sound half asleep?

Back in Action Status:

At Back in Action all calls and internet orders are handled by normal shop staff just as if you were in store. We employ nice people... seriously... do please take this into account... our staff are long term employees with real expertise, not call centre staff that handle calls grudgingly.

Is the price fair to both parties?

Companies charging silly prices are often in a silly state. Beware

Back in Action Status:

Back in Action charge a very competitive price and offer an optional price beat. The number of products we sell shows that our prices and service are exceptional.

Make sure your supplier has used the item you are buying.

Some items can be easily adjusted to fit your child as they grow. But many people forget to do this as their child grows.

Back in Action Status:

Back in Action will send you a yearly e-reminder and fresh instructions for you to read. Our children have used the products for over 20 years. If you have a question we are sure to be able to answer it.

Our Stores:

Back in Action has four showrooms:

Back in Action is dedicated to beating back pain by improving the furniture you use. We think healthy furniture must be stylish furniture if it is to be widely used, so for over 26 years Back in Action has collected some of the world's most exciting furniture, all chosen to nourish your body as well as your eyes.