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60 Night Home Trial Details

60 Night Home Trial Details

"Sleep Relaxed" Plan

  • Includes 60-Night Trial
  • Large Free Delivery Zone
  • Exchange Option Available
  • Minimal Charges (if any)
60 Night Home Trial Details

The best "Sleep Relaxed" Plan

The "Sleep Relaxed" Plan includes a 60 night trial for the Backinaction Mattress. We include it free-of-charge when you purchase the Backinaction Mattress after testing in store. The plan gives you the best chance possible to reduce your back pain, with far more favourable consumer rights should you choose to return it after the trial.

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Normally every mattress becomes non-returnable once it has been opened... let alone slept on. There is widespread confusion in the market. People think that they can return an internet mattress if unsuitable, as they legally can with most products, but actually mattresses are classified as a hygiene product and cannot be returned once used.

Our 60 Night Home Trial

To give you added security and to improve your rights, we've developed the "Sleep Relaxed" Plan for the Back in Action Mattress, which includes a 60-night trial.

Everyone who purchases the Backinaction Mattress after testing it in store qualifies for the “Sleep Relaxed” plan, and it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Purchase the Backinaction Mattress

- "Sleep Relaxed" Plan included free-of-charge

2. We arrange suitable delivery date with you, and we deliver a brand new Backinaction Mattress fresh from the UK factory.

- The “Sleep Relaxed” plan allows you unlimited communication with our Sleep Experts, to help you through any acclimatisation, or to simply answer any questions you may have.

3. At the end of the 60-Nights you have a choice

a) Keep the mattress and no charges apply
b) Exchange the mattress for an alternative mattress from our range for a fee of just £90 inc. VAT*
c) Return the mattress for a full refund less a fee of £180 inc. VAT*

*The fees that apply for exchange and return are simply to cover our collection and administration costs.


We have just 3 conditions:

1) You agree to sleep on the Backinaction Mattress for at least 56 nights allowing the mattress to acclimatise to its’ new surroundings and allowing your body to adjust to the new mattress.

a. THE MATTRESS - During the first week the mattress will need to adjust to your room temperature, normally the mattress is slightly firmer due to being cold. But as the mattress warms it will soften.

b. YOUR BODY - Apart from changes to the mattress, the other big changes will be with your body. If you are new to memory foam, the comfort level, support and pressure relief can be very different from your old mattress. Many people jump into their new bed with a huge smile and sink into one of the best night's sleep they’ve had for years. Very occasionally people can have an adverse reaction, which we’ve seen before. As difficult as it may initially seem, we urge people to push through it, continue sleeping on the mattress and allow your body time to fully adjust to the new mattress… We’ve seen it time and time again, people's bodies get so used to sleeping in an awkward sleeping position with little or no support and pressure relief, which once they finally sleep on something that offers them exceptional comfort, support and pressure relief, their body just can’t cope. In most cases this adverse reaction lasts just a few days, but in rare occasions can take up to 6 weeks. Short term pain for long term gain.

2) If you choose to exchange or return the Back in Action Mattress as part of the “Sleep Relaxed” plan, you must contact us in writing to notify us of your intentions. Contact with us must be made between day-56 and day-65 after your delivery date… We do not allow early termination of the 60-Night Trail.

3) You must be UK mainland based to qualify and additional delivery charges will apply to come areas:  Click here to see our large item delivery zones.
NB. Delivery can sometimes be arranged outside of this area but the sleep relaxed plan wont apply.

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