60 Night Home Trial Details

"Sleep Relaxed" Plan

  • Includes 60-Night Trial
  • Large Free Delivery Zone
  • Exchange Option Available
  • Minimal Charges (if any)

Normal Mattress Terms:

Normally every mattress becomes non returnable once it has been opened... let alone slept on. There is widespread confusion in the market. People think that they can return an internet mattress if unsuitable, as they legally can with most products, but actually mattresses are classified as a hygiene product and cannot be returned once used.

The small print is where this information resides.

60 Night Trial from Back in Action:

our “Sleep Relaxed” Plan

We realise that many people have previously suffered from a bad mattress.

We also realise that many are hoping that a new mattress will "cure" their health problems or remove their pain.

Let's be realistic: at Back in Action we deal with a lot of, frankly "terrible" backs and for a good many people it is unrealistic to expect that a new mattress will remove their issues. For some a new mattress will remove the symptoms and for others they will still need other help to beat their condition.
If you have a serious or long term health issue then we suggest two things:

  1. Buy a mattress which has an option to return it. (such as our Sleep Relaxed plan below)
  2. Buy from a company like ours which can help with the other areas if you don't get the relief you were hoping for.

If you really must get your mattress choice right this time around then choose our 60-night "sleep relaxed". To qualify, simple visit our one of our stores and speak with our staff.

This plan allows you to use a top quality, new, purchased mattress at home for 60 nights and then decide if it meets your expectations. If it does... fantastic. If not then we will collect it and refund you... less an amount to cover packaging, admin, delivery, installation...and of course collection. The amount we retain will be £180, and whilst this is a significant amount of money it's a better investment than buying a mattress and finding it isn't optimal for your condition.

Half of that £180 can be used towards another mattress from Back in Action.

There are reasonable terms with the trial and full details are included on your invoice. To see those terms in full click here.

The main thing to note is that you are required to sleep on the mattress for 56 nights and that you must notify us before 65 nights after delivery.

Very best wishes for a great sleep.

Back in Action