About Us - Covid-19

About Us - Covid-19

Back in Action Covid-19 Policy

Over the last 30 years we have helped thousands of people lead happier, pain free lives.

All in all, we're pretty proud of what we do and the people we work with. From understanding to beating your condition, whether as an individual or as a business, we're here to help...

It is of paramount importance to BIA that our customers and our staff feel safe within our stores. Our staff and customers are using 70% alcohol sanitiser on arrival which is known to quickly neutralise coronavirus on hands and smooth surfaces.

Meantime if you have any questions please do call or get in touch via the form below.

Safe Shopping & Working Comfortably at Home:

For the next few months many many people will be spending more time at home, either due to working there or due to avoiding potential infection locations.

We are already seeing questions from those who will suffer from discomfort and back / neck pain during that period.

The pain is typically because their home set up was never meant to cope with being used all day long.  They don’t have an ergonomic workplace, or supportive relaxation furniture.

And if this creates pain or spasm they are facing issues because they can’t safely go for hands on treatment.

We are here to help, online, on the phone and in our stores.    Just one simple alteration to your set up, or an inexpensive gadget, or better a great chair can make a huge difference.

And of course our Mobiliser System can be delivered to you to keep your treatment regime going or ease the pain    
We’d like you to feel safe to talk with us.

In our stores we have been extremely diligent in creating a safe shopping experience for our customers and our staff. For some time now all people entering the stores and our shipping facility, including all our customers, have been using medical grade sanitiser immediately on entering and washing hands regularly.  

Local parking is easy so you can leave home in the safety of your own vehicle, parking in our car park or nearby, and be warmly welcome to with hand sanitiser on entry.

Many of you will feel that it’s too far to journey so we offer an exceptional remote service, starting with advice, followed by helping with product selection, and then an easy free boxed delivery or our two man delivery service.

We’d like you to know that our shipping staff are also following immaculate standards.

We do hope to see or talk to you soon as we all explore the best options in very challenging times.

Be well.

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