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Back in Action Assessments



Five Back in Action Elements

The Ultimate Back Pain Service

  1. Accurate Spine assessment with €10,000 Spinalyser System
  2. Full Session on The Mobiliser to encourage Deep Spinal Movement
  3. Re-measure on the Spinalyser to test Mobiliser suitability
  4. Discussion of Results and an emailed assessment.
  5. Take a 2 day Back in Action Postural Holiday with PosturePlast

What you need to know

The Spinalyser system was developed in Switzerland and is widely used in hospitals and clinics all over the world, with over 60 units in UK hospitals.

Back in Action and The Back Shop are the UK importers and the Expertise Centre for the support of UK Clinicians that use Spinalyser in their practices.

Basic Information

The Spinalyser system applies the lightest of touches along your spine. It is non-invasive and has no side effects. It can be repeated regularly at any Back in Action Centre to evaluate your progress from treatment, exercise, back friendly furniture or from the Mobiliser.

The measurements take about 10 minutes. Results are displayed instantly and you and or a practitioner can be emailed the results.

The measurement is in three stages:

  1. normal standing posture
  2. curled forwards
  3. leaning backwards

The latter two movements are not severe, and you will be asked to limit your movement to what feels comfortable. Bend forward a few inches or down to the floor... either is fine for the test.

What Clothing to Wear

The Spinalyser will be rolled gently, but very skilfully, along your spine from the nape of your neck to about three inches below belt level. (C7 to S3... technically speaking).

We can complete measurements while you remain clothed, but if so please wear clothes with very light seams and the lightest of fabric. A long top will allow you to lower your trouser top and preserve modesty while leaning forwards. Women must undo their bra strap under their clothing during the test.

Please note that clinical grade accurate measurements will only be obtained on bare skin, for that reason many clients will choose to remove top clothing, and some replace a shirt back to front. In that case we will make light marks on several points to more accurately guide the Spinalysers progress.

We use eye liner for the marks on your back which can be easily removed before your clothes make contact.

Any questions? Please contact us.

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Give your back a 2 day holiday.

While your back is painful it will be over sensitive, the slightest bad movement, or a poor chair / mattress can send you into a vicious circle of pain for days.

Chances are you are always concerned about that happening to you?

If so it can be useful to give your back a...

Try in Store:

Appointments advised

“Back in Action Postural Holiday”

A “Back in Action Postural Holiday” is a period of a few days or weeks during which you move freely and with confidence, yet maintain your posture for every second of every day.

This can help your back to become less reactive and eventually less painful.

It is unlikely to cure an injury immediately, but it is renowned for helping to decrease symptoms and speed up recovery.

But... chances are you cannot quickly identify a poor chair, nor can you control your posture 24/7... without years of training. Life will distort your spine in everyday tasks.

That's why our Back in Action PosturePlast is worth it's weight in gold!

It will inhibit slumping and most bad movements for the next 2 days. Plus... you will discover just where your movement skills and your environment need to be upgraded

A Back in Action chair and/or mattress and a collection of gadgets for car seats and restaurants may be essential, it won't surprise you that we are experts in that!

Read more about PosturePlast here