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BeSafe Car Seat

BeSafe car seats are the best that we have found for ease of installation, greatest safety and comfort.

BeSafe is a Scandinavian company that have put safety at the forefront of the design for all their child car seats.

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When choosing your child car seat you must make sure that it is suitable for both your child and your car. It has become industry standard that new cars are fitted with ISOfix connectors in at least 1 of the seats.
ISOfix is a metal bar that is hidden at the back of your car seat, in the gap where the back meets the seat. If you put your hand down the gap you should be able to feel it. It may not sound like much, but this is easiest and safest connection for your car seat.


Rear facing child car seats are 5 times safer than forward facing child car seats. We recommend you use rear–facing cars seats for your children for as long as possible.


The age and weight guidelines are exactly that, guides, because the true indication of whether your child fits the seat is actually height. Measure where the crown of the child's head is against the highest point of the child car seat. As soon as the crown of their head reaches the highest point it's time to move up to the next group.

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