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BeSafe Car Seat and Pregnancy Belt

BeSafe Car Seat

BeSafe car seats are the best that we have found for ease of installation, greatest safety and comfort.

BeSafe is a Scandinavian company that have put safety at the forefront of the design for all their child car seats.

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BeSafe Car Seat


When choosing your child car seat you must make sure that it is suitable for both your child and your car. It has become industry standard that new cars are fitted with ISOfix connectors in at least 1 of the seats.
ISOfix is a metal bar that is hidden at the back of your car seat, in the gap where the back meets the seat. If you put your hand down the gap you should be able to feel it. It may not sound like much, but this is easiest and safest connection for your car seat.


Rear facing child car seats are 5 times safer than forward facing child car seats. We recommend you use rear–facing cars seats for your children for as long as possible.


  • Group 0 – 0-6 months (up to 7.5kg)
  • Group 1 – 6 months to 4 years (7.5-18kg)
  • Group 2 – 4-12 years (15-36kg)

The age and weight guidelines are exactly that, guides, because the true indication of whether your child fits the seat is actually height. Measure where the crown of the child's head is against the highest point of the child car seat. As soon as the crown of their head reaches the highest point it's time to move up to the next group.

What is ISOFIX?

ISO 13216 is the standard for fitting child safety seats in vehicles. Known as ISOFIX (which stands for "International Standards Organisation FIX") in the UK and Europe, it has been in use since the early 2000's and was designed as a "Plug-in" system for fitting child safety seats in cars quickly and simply. (The same system is known as LATCH in the United States).

The idea is very simple. All new cars are manufactured with inconspicuous attachment points in standard locations, whilst ISOFIX compatible child seats have latches on the back to lock onto the mounting points in the car with a simple push and click system.

Why was it developed?

ISOFIX car seats have been an important development in safety as many people find it difficult to fit child seats correctly. Surveys have shown that a large proportion of child seats are not fitted securely enough.

As only a properly fitted child seat can provide a child with the correct protection, the ISOFIX system helps to eliminate the chance of misfitting the seat, and provides a quick and easy way to correctly install a compatible seat by attaching it directly to the vehicles ISOFIX connection points.

What are the benefits?

Most child seats on the market are currently designed to be fitted by using a car's adult lap and diagonal seat belt. However, car seat shapes, seat belt lengths and their anchorage points can vary dramatically between different models of cars. These factors make it almost impossible to make a child car seat that fits all cars, and can sometimes make it tricky to fit a child car seat correctly.

ISOFIX was designed to solve all these problems and to improve the performance of child seats by rigidly attaching them to the car's structure.The ultimate aim is that any ISOFIX child car seat you buy will fit your car simply by plugging it into the locating points.

However, there are several versions of the ISOFIX system, you must check which is suitable for your vehicle.

The best way to know if your vehicle will accept an ISOFIX seat is to check your handbook or ask your local dealer. If this is not possible, you can tell by inspecting the car itself. ISOFIX anchorage points (where fitted) should be clearly labeled. You can also check along the crack between the back seat cushion and the back rest, and also on the boot floor behind the back seat.

All new cars introduced since early 2006 have been required by law to be fitted with 'Universal' ISOFIX anchorages for a minimum of two seating positions, however, many cars built before 2006 were fitted with the two-point 'Semi-universal' ISOFIX system.

Will ISOFIX fit my car?

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