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Back in Action Sofas

BIA Sofas and Armchairs

BIA Sofas and Armchairs

Ergonomic Seating

Perfectly Fits Tall & Short

BIA Sofa Reclining Motion BIA Sofa Reclining Motion

Fits tall and short with equal comfort

Most sofas are designed by men, to be sat in by men, and to be most comfortable for men. Not at Back in Action. Our sofas are designed to fit all sizes and give equal comfort to all.

Our Back in Action Sofa range includes an armchair, a two and a three seater sofa, each with the same features and optional footstool.
We also recommend the Calibra as an excellent alternative to the single arm chair. It’s available in matching fabrics and will give the range a slightly more modern look.

Easily adapts to changing needs:

Simply push down with your toes to recline the chair to the exact angle. Constantly and subtly adjust your posture whether talking or watching a film. Touch the headrest control to sleep, or bring the headrest forward to watch TV.

Lasts and lasts without loss of comfort:

  • The underneath of the sofa is zipped so that you can access the springs and mechanism.
  • Any deterioration (kids forgot it's not a trampoline?!) and the springs can be changed in a few minutes.
  • The frame is made of screwed ply.
  • Tears in the fabric (well it happens) and we'll be there to replace a panel on site (charges apply of course but you'll probably have insurance)

The deluxe models come with an integrated footrest that is adjusted by a handle on the side of the chair. We feel that this looks and feels so much better - although the Standard armchair is not without its charms, and is available with or without the footrest. See the an example of a Standard chair below.

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