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A Guide for the City Worker

Beating back pain:  
A guide for the City worker.  

Some of us will never experience it, some are experiencing it right now, some have experienced it for years, some will experience it in the future and some will barely have a day go by without it. So, what can you do to get away from it?  

Well the short answer is, it depends. 

It depends on the root of the problem, how much you’re prepared to change your lifestyle and how long you’ve been putting up with the pain.  

But here’s the good news:  

For a lot of people there is an easy answer: if there is anything 30 years in industry teaches you, it’s that huge swathes of the people who suffer with back pain could ease it with one small change.  

Movement. MoVeMent. Movement.

It’s essential. It’s the mantra of yogi’s and physios, Pilates instructors and chiropractors the world over, but this is even more basic than that. Movement doesn’t have to be about the grand gestures, you don’t need to run 5 miles a day (although exercise is no bad thing) or enrol in a kick boxing class. We are talking about the little movements. The small tiny ones that you barely notice. The movements that keep you upright when you walk or stop you from falling when you stand.  

The modern office, the one we all work in day in day out, or sit in when we get home from work, is killing these little movements. We sit in static chairs in our office, static chairs in our cars, static chairs at the dinner table and then static chairs in front of the TV. You might walk to the fridge a few times a day, or across the office to make tea, but it doesn’t add up to much. If you ever take the time to work out how much time we spend sitting, you’ll probably have to sit for an extra half an hour just to do the maths.  

For most of us, sitting in one form or another takes up more than 13 hours of the day, when you take out the other 8 hours (ish) of sleeping, that’s 21 hours that we spend doing almost nothing. 7655 hours of our year spent in almost complete inactivity. It’s no wonder 2 hours a week in the gym can't compensate. 

How do I add movement? 

Well, most people dont know where to start and that is often where we come in, but there are lots of things you can do at home, right now, to increase movement. 

Step one is to get your spine stacked and balanced - that means spending some of your day at least away from your backrest, with your hips titled upright, (will feel strange to start with). 
This can be achieved a few ways, the easiest is to pop a cushion under the back of your bottom. Not under the whole of it, just under the back section to act like a wedge: tipping the hips forward into an upright, and allowing your spine to naturally stack away from the backrest of your chair. 

Step Two is to maintain this balanced neutral position for more of the day. While away from the backrest your spine can naturally sway, gaining gentle movement throughout the time that you sit. 

Step Three is finding a cushion that can create even more movement, like something air-filled.

A Guide for the City Worker

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