Chung Shi Shoes - Information

Chung Shi Shoes - Information

Chung Shi and MBT shoes are designed to:-

  • increase the calories we burn when walking, and burn up long term fat deposits
  • decrease jarring to the ankle, knees, hips and spine
  • Increase the tone of our "core" muscles, which effect our posture and our appearance.
  • In lay terms MBT and Chung Shi customers say the shoes
  • improve their appearance, tighten up their waist and buttocks, give them a fitter looking posture, and yes they decrease back pain. Of course we can't promise any of this... but the evidence is that it does happen.

What is a Chung Shi Technology?

In essence Chung Shi and MBT have become famous because they are a complete re-design of the shoe sole. (and soul!)

By making you stand on the middle of your foot (instead of the heel and toe in normal shoes) these “balance” shoes cause you to balance while standing still or walking.

The other effect is to decrease heel impact as you step forward, and to cause the foot to “roll” along the surface with even contact along the whole of the sole. This decreases damage if you walk a lot for work or exercise, and it makes a deeper, more useful set of muscles control your movement. These muscles gradually get fitter.

Nowadays many people refer to these “more useful” muscles as “core muscles” . Lots has been written about the benefits of strong core muscles. Suffice to say that using core muscles well creates a more effortless posture, and increases nutrition around joints.

A rocking sole may be a radical improvement for shoe design but its not a new theory at Back in Action. For nearly 20 years we've been encouraging people to use their core muscles to beat back pain. We've had exceptional success, providing tens of thousands of office chairs, home chairs, beds, gadgets and treatment systems that encourage use of “the core”. We can tell you for certain that this approach works very well for most, and we'd love you to consider our “balance chairs” to go with our “balance shoes”

Back in Action products intend to create a life style more compatible with the way our bodies evolved. Chung Shi and MBT shoes create natural balanced walking posture and once acclimatised users report exceptional increases in vitality and well being.

NB: At Back in Action we like to see Chung Shi and MBT's used as part of a comprehensive approach to body health.

For example:

  1. The Mobiliser can restore lost movement in spinal joints and MBT's can develop the core muscles to take full advantage of the new easy spinal movement.
  2. The Actulum and Variable chairs create balance and vitality while sitting. Even so most of our clients are still too inactive in their daily life for a healthy spine. . Chung Shi and MBTs increase the energy used in walking and particularly develop the core muscles, thus restoring a more nomadic lifestyle without giving up the day job!

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