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Emergency Sitting Advice

Emergency Sitting Advice

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause or increase lower back and neck pain.

A coronavirus checklist for home isolation and working from home.

A coronavirus checklist for home isolation and working from home.

Movement While Sitting & Walking

Is an important element of keeping your immune system functioning.

So how can you boost your immune system if you are cooped up and unable to be as active as normal?

Our check list includes achieving variety and movement at home plus other timely suggestions for your health.


Our Health Check List:

  1. Get more than your normal sleep,
  2. Take every excuse to move. Separate components of things like tea into places around the room.
  3. 5 modify all the chairs you sit in to create movement and stimulate circulation

Of course that’s where we come in.  And we are already seeing increased demand from those getting back pain from hours of extra sitting.

Can an active chair at home boost your immune system?   

We think so because an active chair is closer to walking than normal sitting.  Plus an active chair can also help with many other side effects of spending days and weeks indoors.  

  We can’t help with milk, sanitiser or toilet paper but we can help you keep your immune system high, active to and avoid mucking up your spine and getting back Pain.

1. If you are determined not to succumb to corona virus it’s important to keep your immune system at peak so we’ve some tips below.

It will be viral over the next few months to take every opportunity to stay active and burn calories while at home, even if working at a desk, eating at a table or watching a movie.

Really good chairs can add to your movement and your energy levels and both of those help with your immune levels and help fight off back pain.   And with so many people working and sitting at home there will be a spike in back and next problems.  

We are already seeing  increased demand for home working office chairs and feel its important to give priority to our existing customers. WE are therefore offering a newsletter exclusive 10% discount on stock chairs for the next 7 days, while stocks last.