Environment and Sustainability - Level Three

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

Three Leaves

We believe our planet is precious, so we don't want you to buy things again and again and again. We want you to buy it once and buy it right - and then we want it to last you a life time.

 We pride ourselves on working with manufacturers who shares these values.

Three leaves: Extra Green

  1. Designed to last a long time, therefore reducing carbon emissions through reduced need for repeat production.

  2. Kind to the Planet using sustainable manufacturing methods and recycled or sustainable materials.
    & or manufactured in the UK, Leading to huge reductions in carbon emissions while supporting independent businesses and the UK Economy. 

  3. Products are Recyclable and or use recycled plastics and metals.

We take huge pride in working almost exclusively with companies whose products are designed to last 10-20 years. Many of the chairs we sold back in 1987 are still in use, and we have helped to repair many of the small number that needed it over the last 35 years.