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Joya Shoes

Joya Shoes

  • Upper: Velour Leather, Textile
  • Lining: Textile
  • Insole: Ortholite® Support

Joya Shoes

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Joya Shoes

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Joya Shoes

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Joya Shoes

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Joya Shoes

Stock Clearance!
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Joya Shoes

One of The Comfiest

"The comfiest shoes I have worn in years, and I've worn a lot!"  - LN

We love Joya for many reasons. Both Joya and MBT shoes encourage symmetrical healthy posture, which provides relief to over-stressed back, hip and knee joints. Even a small increase in symmetry can make a huge difference to the quality of life for back pain sufferers.

Care & Use Guidelines

Joya footwear is a high-quality product built with leading internationally patented Joya Sole Technology, developed in Switzerland. To experience the most fulfilling and long-lasting use of your Joya footwear, we ask you to carefully read the following care and use guidelines:

Advice Regarding Leather
Joya footwear is made of extremely high-quality natural leather that requires reasonable care; sensitivity to water and scratching are a part of its natural attributes. For best results apply suitable leather treatment products to your Joya footwear. Note that as with all leathers its color may fade and that slight variations in its color are not uncommon. Occasionally synthetic leather is also utilized in some Joya footwear products.

Sole Characteristics
The midsole of Joya footwear is encapsulated by a ½ millimeter thick protective film layer. This extremely thin and highly elastic protective film layer surrounds the delicate soft-elastic midsole, thus giving Joya footwear its unique active comfort feature. Pay attention not to mechanically damage this protective film layer. The sole of the footwear is very flexible and barely susceptible to wear. It will take at least four million steps before the high tech material wears out -- this equates to approximately two years of use, but may vary slightly from individual to individual (based on user weight and on which surfaces used). With time and use the body will become increasingly more accustom to Joya footwear and to its unique active comfort feature.

Advice Regarding Use
Joya footwear is not a substitute for daily exercise. If you intend on using Joya footwear as part of your exercise and well-being program, we advise that for best results you consult a fitness or medical professional such as a personal trainer, physical therapist or physician. If you intend on using Joya footwear as means of helping treat pain, known ailments and/or problems with your feet, ankles, legs, joints, back etc. we advise that for best results you consult a physician.

Important Shoe Care Recommendations

Avoid contact with aggressive fluids (disinfectants, nitro, acids, oil, blood etc.), salts, fats, proteins and other aggressive substances.

Let wet Joya footwear dry slowly at room temperature. Do not place on or near a heater.

Protect footwear from damages by sharp objects. Do not cut the sole.

Wash by hand with sponge and diluted lukewarm soap water. Do not wash in a washing machine.

Joya footwear that has become dirty should be cleaned expediently. Note while washing, to avoid any water from getting into the inside of the inso

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