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Hand Held Massagers

Hand Held Massagers

Deep & Intense

We have searched and found some of the best hand held massager units and cushions.
After a long day in the office, coming home to one of these will pick you up again and re-energize you for the long evening ahead – after all this is your time, you deserve to enjoy it.

These are great for dealing with the symptoms of minor aches and pains, and releasing stress. If you have anything more chronic, or want to deal with the root cause of your problems, we'd recommend you pop into one of our stores for an hour or two and get some free, expert, impartial advice, or read up on the Mobiliser now, its our most powerful and successful massage unit.

Inner Balance SM100 Shoulder Massager
RRP £90

Relieve aches and stimulate blood flow in your neck, shoulders, back, waist, and legs. Massage anywhere with its body-hugging design.

  • Power drum massage
  • 5 pre-programmed massage courses
  • 8 adjustable intensity levels


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