Memory Foam Experts

Memory Foam Mattress Experts

Memory Foam Mattress Experts

Tried and Tested - for Support

At Back in Action we have tried and tested a lot of memory foam mattresses, but few have passed our high standards and have not made it into our stores.

When you come to our stores, you'll find extremely helpful staff with years of experience. We will help you get the most out of each mattress, find the pros and cons at a personal level and help you pick the perfect mattress for your individual needs. You can try our mattresses at our London, Amersham and Bristol stores, our smaller Marlow store has just a couple of the very best memory foam mattress on show.

All of our mattresses have been designed to support and mould to your body, to offer pressure relief as well as spinal alignment (something that cheap mattresses rarely do). Some of our mattresses have been specifically design for people with back pain, with these you can get 0% VAT with a qualifying medical condition, speak to us for more details.

5 Star Advice and Guidance

Regular bed store staff are on commission. Back in Action staff are not! & we offer expert advice and guidance.

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Beware of cheap memory foam!

There are a lot of cheap memory foam mattresses out there today, all trying to capitalise on a big money market. Are any of these right for you?
From our experience cheaper is very rarely better. You get what you pay for in life and it is the same with memory foam mattresses.

If you need help choosing call us on 01494 434343 or contact us.

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