Mattresses for Back Pain

If you need a mattress for health reasons, buy from health experts like us, not a regular bed store.

Regular bed store staff are on commission. Back in Action staff are not! We offer expert advice.

At Back in Action our staff include Physiotherapists, Alexander teachers, Massage Therapists and many other skilled experts.

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Significant back / neck Problems

If you would like individual advice you can request it on-line, or call us during normal store hours.

The following is general advice based on our experience since 1988. We've provided over 15,000 mattresses to those with serious back issues.

Does this fit your situation?
Chances are that your back is very sensitive to how it is used, and to its alignment. When you first lie down on a mattress your muscles will probably tense to keep your spine in alignment, and to stop you falling forwards or backwards. Your body can hold a great deal of tension without you knowing it and chances are you won't be able to sense these tensions in a bed showroom.

In your home at night, as you sleep, any tensions that you hold can cause pain in the muscles, yet if or when your muscles relax your spine can distort and often you will fall forwards onto your chest or back onto your back. This distortion of the spine is usually the reason why back pain creeps up after a period of lying down. In the morning you may also feel very stiff and old. Getting the optimum choice of mattress can greatly help.

What most people like yourself benefit from is a three phase approach:

  • Stage 1: Get a mattress which allows you to sleep deeply without distortion and to wake refreshed. We've designed a great mattress for people with back pain. We've sold thousands with a 60 day trial at a 96% + success rate.
  • Stage 2: Look at what you do in the day before going to bed... perhaps your sleep issues are made worse by your sofa, your posture, or your work. A small investment to correct your chairs and your car seat will avoid wrecking a good night's sleep. See our emergency back pain advice page for more information.
  • Stage 3: If your back problem has been around for years then consider some drastic action. We hire out a system which restores movement to stiff spines and almost always gets you on the road to recovery. As well as thousands of home users our Mobiliser system is used by medics throughout the UK and by the Military. Within our Mobiliser section, we include many references on how home-applied spinal mobilisation has beaten back-pain symptoms and removed the need for pain-killers. Please remember back in Action are ergonomic experts and provide a comprehensive service for home and office furniture, including on-site assessments.

Ideally visit one of our stores with lots of mattresses (Amersham and Bristol have a huge choice. Marlow has our 3 favourite options, and London keeps just our Back in Action Mattress). At all Back in Action stores, one of our staff will check your alignment. This is, in our view, very valuable. We'll also help evaluate whether other factors will have to be addressed. You can try a spinal mobiliser in store.

If you can't visit us then we'd suggest you choose just one of our mattresses... our Back in Action Mattress. This mattress has been developed solely with significant back issues in mind and we'll let you use it on a 60-day trial at home.

Mild problems

If your back or neck issues are mild then you have a greater choice of mattress. You could probably accept a small amount of spinal misalignment in return for a mattress which feels more instantly welcoming.

On-line we'd suggest you consider the Memoryflex or Sleepshaper mattresses, both have won awards. Or if you are looking for something truly soothing consider a waterbed.

However ... a word of caution! Mild back problems can be a warning sign of worse to come. We strongly suggest you hire a spinal mobiliser for a month to put back youthful movement into your spine. If you hire a Mobiliser from us at the same time as buying a mattress we offer a reduction of £50 in your mattress price.

Other health issues:

For many health issues, we don't think on-line advice about mattress selection would treat your condition seriously enough ... it would short change you. We suggest you contact us with more details or call us.

Within our Mobiliser section, we include many references on how home-applied spinal mobilisation has beaten a huge range of symptoms and removed the need for pain-killers.

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