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The Mobiliser in my Practice - Dr Lady Redgrave

Practitioner - Case Study

“I am still using and enjoying the mobiliser twice a day for the past nine months. The results from its use are life changing, now pain free. Previously I could only swim eight lengths breast-stoke before a neck ache made it too unpleasant, now my joints are no longer seized up so I can (and do) swim for great distances, reaching a fitness level better than even my teenage years - I am sixty next month.”
Richard Gilbank
Practitioner - Case Study

We (Redgrave Clinic) have been increasingly using the Mobiliser in our whole practice since 2002 /3: This includes osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists. We use it in 3 ways:

  1. Before treatment
    We use the 15 minute pre-set program if they are particularly hypomobile or have a very chronic problem.  Its been found beneficial for warming muscles/body up before treatment allowing us to work in deeper more quickly.
  2. After treatment
    If patients generally experience a reaction to treatment or have an acute condition we've found it has a calming, settling effect.
  3. Between treatments
    If they're particularly hypomobile, it is used as a treatment in between sessions (i.e. booked via reception with a frequency as prescribed and used without the practitioners having to be involved).

Benefits for the patients

  • We have observed many patients whose treatment has gone faster and further than would have occurred without using the Mobiliser.
  • Some patients have been able to get past previously long term conditions, and after some years have continued to be clear of their original chronic symptoms and patterns.
  • Many patients will contact BIA and hire one. Many purchase one. There has been very positive feedback and no negative feedback at all.  We have seen substantial changes in the patients who use a Mobiliser regularly at home, which they themselves have described as "life changing".  With some patients we have suggested the Mobiliser as their sole treatment, with occasional visits to the practice to check progress.
  • It allows patient control of their own treatment - they can do something actively themselves to control their condition without having to see therapist. They will frequently then set higher goals for themselves and together with the therapist set about achieving them.

Benefits for our practice (and most practices?)

  • If you run a busy list, it helps to be able to offer a client some treatment even if your list is very full.
  • Back in Action's web site draws in many new patients and we charge a new patient fee to evaluate suitability.
  • Increases practice reputation by offering an effective treatment adjunct.
  • We have seen that the Massage Therapists can reduce treatment time by 50% by clients using Mobiliser in advance - 15 mins Mobiliser means 30 min massage instead of an hour.
  • Should be able to pay for itself or even make a positive contribution to practice costs. We charge £15 per 15 minute session.  

General observations

Our Patients are always introduced to it by a practitioner but then can use on own in separate room. Use can be adjusted for all types of injury.
(Contraindications - same as for Manipulation and massage. Disclaimers - we don't do anything special for the Mobiliser. Just normal treatment disclaimer.)

  • Some patients show some concern during their first use it ... but therapists talk them through it during the session.

  • Most of the time patients start on full body bprogramme - might be changed / programmed after a few sessions for specific areas.
  • Even after many years use in the practice, we are still learning ... we usually adapt length of treatment to patients' conditions - everyone is dealt with on individual basis.
  • Usually used with softening mat in the clinic, but we notice long term users generally progress to using it at full power.
  • We do not routinely loan it out - we wouldn't encourage other practitioners to do this either! It stops its availability to other patients - better to recommend Back in Action to do this, as they can provide them very quickly and they then have responsibility for damage to units etc.

Any other concerns: No! None!