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Moll Champion Compact

Moll Champion Compact

New Moll Champion Compact not only grows with your child but also with their room. Its Flex Deck allows effective use of the space above the desktop also combined with a few extras to accomidate to your childs needs.

Moll Champion Compact
Moll Champion Compact

With the Champion Compact, kids’ rooms can also be designed for functionality and comfort down to a few square meters. With a width of 86 cm, if you need a larger work space later, the compact desk can be easily expanded with the Side Top. With the extension a width of 130 cm is possible. When the Side Top is installed on both sides, the width can even expand to 170 cm.

Standard Lead Time: 4 - 5 weeks

Size Assembled: Width: 90 cm Height: 69 - 114 cm Depth: 72 cm

Moll Champion Compact Desk
Moll Giant Drawer
  1. None
  2. Drawer Cover
Moll Flex Deck
  1. None
  2. FlexDeck
Moll Champion Side Top
  1. None
  2. SideTop
Moll Cable Duct Cover
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  2. Cable Duct Cover
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