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Moll Champion Compact Desk

Moll Champion Compact

Ideally, the furniture the children work at should be generous, allow freedom of movement, and take into account ergonomics. Moll also designs for functionality and comfort.

New Moll Champion Compact not only grows with your child but also with their room. Its Flex Deck allows effective use of the space above the desktop also combined with a few extras to accommodate your child's needs.

Beautiful and built to last

Moll Brand Profile

Moll Funktion is a German company founded on the principles of ergonomic design. They place a strong emphasis on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture solutions.
It's built to last! Their commitment to sustainability is apparent in their approach to crafting products that last and last or grow with a family.

Moll makes furniture that we find enhances productivity and aligns with our values of environmental responsibility.