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Lumbar Support Cushions

Lumbar Cushions

The lower back above the bottom naturally curves inward toward the stomach -  A lumbar support can help maintain good posture by filling the gap.

  • Portable & Light Weight
  • Perfect for use in cars
  • Fits most chairs or sofas

In some people the curve is deeper meaning extra support is needed. When your car or sofa already has some lumbar curve smaller supports can be used.

Lumbar Cushions

Small, precisely shaped pad, designed to fit behind the small of the back and support the spine in its natural shape. Helps to relieve the symptoms of much back-pain and helps reduce the chances of getting back-pain in the future. Can be used in almost any type of seat - at home, in the office, in cars, at the theatre, in planes etc etc.

High quality, resilient foam core, moulded into a precise shape, with a long lasting, attractive cover. Cover can be removed for cleaning or can be replaced if it gets damaged. Lightweight for easy carrying around by its handle and with an elastic strap for fixing loosely into position

Putnams Duo Car Back Support - Black Velour In Stock
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The Duo Back Support is our favorite for those who need minimal extra support:

  • Removable secondary layer insert.
  • Ideal for drivers only requiring a small amount of lumbar support.
  • Or use both inserts for a more pronounced back support.
  • Only 28cm wide so an ideal width to fit into the center of modern car seats.
  • Small size makes this lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Made using pressure relieving memory foam.

Gentle curved shape supports the lumbar region, relieving backache, making journeys more comfortable.  An adjustable strap loops over the cars head rest.

Standard Lead Time: 1-2 days (when in stock)

Guarantee: 2 year Guarantee

Size Assembled: W28cm x H21cm (11' x 81/4')

Sissel Back Support In Stock
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Sissel Back Support

Special treatment for "car damaged" backs! Made in Sweden from high density PU foam this ergonomically designed back support is ideal for use in the car.  The special shape of the Back gives lateral support to prevent sideways movement whilst supporting the lumbar spine.

  • Easy and fast mounting on every car seat thanks to 2 sturdy straps
  • Guides the spine into a relaxed, supported, upright and healthy position
  • Improved sitting position whilst driving
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning

Standard Lead Time: next working day

Size Assembled: size: 33 x 33 x 2 to 5 cm depth

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