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Webcam Checks Your Posture

PostureMinder is a great alternative if you can't afford one of our fantastic ergonomic office chairs. PostureMinder uses any off-the-shelf webcam to continually check your posture while you work. It also monitors your keyboard and mouse usage and recommend breaks and tip to prevent RSI.

What is PostureMinder?

PostureMinder's award-winning software helps adults and children protect their health while using a computer. Whether you want to protect your health for the future, recover from existing aches and pains, or encourage good posture and healthy habits for your children, PostureMinder is a great solution.

PostureMinder provides break and micro-break reminders, comprehensive ergonomic training materials and other features designed to encourage healthy computer habits. The real innovation is that it uses any off-the-shelf webcam to continually check your posture and provide targeted reminders precisely when you need them.

These friendly reminders help you to reduce the time you spend in damaging postures, so you'll feel better whilst using your computer and gradually get in the habit of sitting better.

How PostureMinder works

PostureMinder uses any off-the-shelf webcam to continually check your posture while you work. If you slump or lean consistently for a minute or two at a time, the software detects this and provides an on-screen reminder to improve how you are sitting and reduce the time you spend in damaging postures.

By providing reminders precisely when you need them, PostureMinder provides continual gentle reinforcement of good posture habits, helping you improve how you sit over time. Besides intelligent posture reminders, the software also features other tools to help you protect your health and maintain your performance at work:

  • Break and micro-break reminders encourage regular, performance-enhancing short breaks from your computer.
  • Comprehensive ergonomic workstation training and self-assessment covers all topics set out in the UK display screen equipment regulations, and more. On completion it generates a record of the training completed and any issues raised in the course of the self-assessment.
  • Discreet video-guided stretch exercises you can do at your desk to relieve tension and fatigue.
  • Hydration tracker to help you keep track of your consumption of caffeinated drinks and water.

Please note that if you do not have a webcam you will not be able to benefit from intelligent posture reminders, although PostureMinder's other features for healthy computer habits will still work.

PostureMinder - Professional Edition

Posture Minder - Professional Edition - USB Stick
Available with webcam.

  • Windows 2000 (SP4), XP (SP2), Vista, 7 and 8.
  • Intel Pentium® 1GHz, or equivalent processor (1.5GHz recommended).
  • 256Mb RAM (512Mb recommended).Minimum of 140Mb of free hard-disk space.
Total: £24.98

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