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Posture Pack

Posture Pack

Posture Pack

Posture Correction

A portable writing slope, seat wedge with pencil / paper storage and carry handle.

only £64.92

Don't let your child be damaged by school work and computers.

  • Posture Pack makes a dramatic difference to posture.
  • Thousands in use in schools and homes.
  • Improves handwriting, study, attention span and comfort.

Bad posture creates stress on young spines:

Posture Pack - before

BEFORE - poor posture

Posture Pack - great posture

WITH POSTURE PACK - great posture!

The Posture Pack can also be used on the lap, on the floor and in the car. Usually purchased as a complete system, but the desk part and seat part can be ordered on their own.

Posture Pack Complete
RRP £69.84

Seat wedge, writing slope and storage case.

Warranty: 6 Months

Posture Pack writing slope with storage case
Posture Pack seat wedge
Total: £64.92 RRP £69.84
Posture Pack writing slope with storage case
Stock: More than 111 in stock
Total: £46.92
Posture Pack seat wedge
Stock: More than 101 in stock
Total: £22.92

Buying in Bulk or for School

We welcome orders from schools, health workers and organisations for all of our products. As we're often asked to sell our Posture Packs in bulk, we've created this page to enable bulk purchase discounts online.

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Posture Pack Complete - Box of 6

Mulitpack of 6 Posture Pack Complete sets: seat wedge, writing slope and storage case.

Warranty: 6 Months

Posture Pack writing slope with storage case
Posture Pack seat wedge
Total: £350.64
Posture Pack - Box of 6

Mulitpack of 6 Posture Pack writing slopes with storage case

Warranty: 6 Months

Posture Pack writing slope with storage case
Total: £253.44
Posture Pack seat wedge - Box of 12

Multipack of 12 Posture Pack seat wedges.

Posture Pack seat wedge
Total: £247.68

Posture Pack's design brief

We designed this product because we couldn't buy one for our children! Now adults love them too.

It's been known for years that sitting on a sloping wedge improves posture. And its been known for even longer that writing and reading is best at a slope of about 15 degrees. The problem was that there was no economic package to put these important angles into practice. Nor anything that children would warm to and really use.

Posture Pack was the answer, and has been an outstanding success for six years. In 2004 it was updated and improved further.

  • Conceived to protect children's necks and spines, it's become a success by also helping children to read and write more easily.
  • The whole family can use it to write with less tension in the arm, wrist and neck. Handwriting and drawing improve instantly.
  • Even greater benefits will be felt by Dyspraxics and Dyslexics, which is why many Specialist Centres buy them from us.
  • Most are specified by school occupational therapists, and bought by Education Authorities, but they are even more useful at home.
  • So while you are buying one for children don't forget yourself; it's very popular with everyone who loves writing and drawing or painting, adults and children alike.

More about each component and why it works

The Writing Slope tilts papers and books to the correct angle for reading and writing, just like old-fashioned school desks.

The tilted surface improves vision too. It allows the eyes to focus on the whole page at once, something children normally achieve by curling over the desk, creating the habit of writing and reading with their face very close to the page.

Remember, a young child's focal length is naturally short, so it's inevitable they will get their eyes close to the paper, the answer is to get the paper closer to them!)

Posture Pack is strong yet light and has a built in carrying handle. It stores both loose and punched papers, and has a removable A4 wallet to transport papers to and from school.

The Posture Pack Seat Wedge tilts the seat forward to a more comfortable angle for working, making it easier to lean forward to work without slouching.

The Seat Wedge fits cleverly inside the Writing Slope to provide a complete portable solution.

The desk slope has 3 storage systems inside that keep frequently used items to hand.

  1. A "ring binder" type fitting which allows lots of punched papers to be stored.
  2. A storage wallet to keep loose A4 sheets without punching.
  3. A pencil case which keeps erasers, etc. at hand.
  4. All this plus a strong handle for portability.

Posture Pack Components

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