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Anti-Snore Pillow

Snoring is more commonly a problem for the partner rather than the snorer, although both will experience a decrease in the quality of sleep. Some have the luxury of a spare room to which they can escape the noise. Although more commonly either the snorer or the partner will have to make do with the sofa, but sleeping on something unsupportive like this night after night will cause knock on problems for your neck and spine.

The Snore Pillow reduces snoring throughout the night and increases the quality of sleep for both you and your partner.

The Snore Pillow is memory foam and has been designed for comfort and support. It uses an audio sensor to detect snoring and respond with a light vibration that gently prompts the snorer to re-position and stop snoring. If you've ever had the experience of the being kept up at night by snoring, you'll have tried the gentle (sometimes not so gentle) tap or kick and the snoring temporarily goes away. The principle is the same, but you'll both be asleep.

With three sensitivity levels, the Snore Pillow can detect even the lightest snore and respond appropriately. You can also set the intensity of the vibration, so that it prompts you to re-position, without waking you up.

Snore Pillow
RRP £240

Anti-Snore Pillow - Uses sensitive audio detection and subtle vibrations to prompt the snorer to re-position and stop snoring.

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The controls are in Japanese, but for those that are not fluent in this language we have provided the guide below and an English manual.

Control Panel features:

  1. Power on. Flashing light means low batteries.
  2. Sensitivity switch for high-low snoring levels
  3. Vibration level control
  4. Internal pillow sensor (not shown)
  5. Output for audio recorder (recorder not incl.)
  6. Off button (auto shut-off after 8 hours)

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