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Vintage Actulum Wooden Frame

Vintage Actulum Wooden Frame

Vintage Actulum

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Vintage Actulum

The TenTwo (now re-launched as the Actulum) is without doubt the best chair we've ever found! This timeless classic has so many advantages that we've sold thousands over the last 15 years, and the design is still as fresh now as it was then.

We have them in our homes as dining sets, kitchen chairs, computer chairs, homework chairs, piano chairs and more. And when you get your TenTwo you'll find yourself moving it from place to place to be comfortable for many occasions ... even use it as a spare chair for guests in the living room.

The TenTwo is designed by one of the world's best furniture designers: Peter Opsvik. He specialises in furniture that feels natural and uplifting to use... and this is his finest piece.

How it works on your body and your eyes:

The TenTwo stimulates postural muscles to constant gentle activity, which means those with back pain normally get instant relief and all users find their core muscles strengthen with regular use. The movement is so perfectly developed and refined from original models in the 1970's, that it achieves this movement whilst still allowing fine control of a computer keyboard, or craft activities. Dinner parties come alive as the chairs keep people alert and feeling good around the table.

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This is the best chair we've ever sat in, and the one many Backinaction staff use around our tables and in front of our computers. 

The key to all good chairs is movement, forwards-and-backwards, side-to-side, up-and-down, the more movement the better. We call this active sitting. Once you achieve active sitting your core muscles will become stronger and you will find your posture will improve overnight, joints will be less stiff, and you will become more focused and have higher concentration levels.

Varier Actulum

Varier Soft Tape Floor Protection Strips (Included free with all new chairs)

These Soft tape strips are velcro like and protect your hardwood floor and chair from scratches. Suitable for Actulum, Pendulum, Thatsit, TenTwo, and Variable Kneeling Chair.

If you need Soft Tape for your Varier Gravity, please visit our Gravity page and add the Soft Tape Large to your basket.

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