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VLUV Pil & Ped Stov

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VLUV Pil & Ped Stov

  • Motivates intuitively to sit ergonomical and upright 
  • Positive, flexible sensation similar to a VLUV seating ball
  • Fits to most office chairs, stools and benches at home or at the office
  • Forwards the comfort and the safety of the chair used 
  • Permanent, sub-conscious balancing movement
  • Easy-to-carry, ergonomical support wherever you want to sit
  • Cover machine-washable at 30 degrees

VLUV Pil & Ped Stov

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Ergonomic Seating Cushion

VLUV Stov Seating Cushion

Circular, air-filled balance cushion made of soft PVC (VLUV PED) covered with a high-quality fabric cover (VLUV PIL) made of the famous VLUV upholstery fabrics. Perfect for active, upright sitting on most chairs, stools and benches.

A stunning alternative to the Sissel Sitfit.

VLUV Stov Seating Cushion

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Upholstered ergonomic sitting balls.

Vluv Brand Profile

VLUV was started by a husband and wife team who had a passion for active sitting, and felt traditional gym balls were sticky, impractical and ugly.  

Vluv specialises in ergonomic exercise and balance ball chairs and we love them. Their upholstered balls promote active sitting and health through micro movement during the day.

Vluv  Upholstered ergonomic sitting balls