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Hydrobed Waterbeds

Back in Action's waterbeds are at the very top end of quality and comfort. There are cheaper waterbeds on the market, but none which offer such relaxation, and there are more expensive waterbeds, but none which will out-perform ours.

10% discount on all Hydrobeds

Our prices include a 10% discount on all Hydrobeds


Hydrobed Waterbeds

Ok, we would say that wouldn't we! But we can justify it ... These models have a system (which is protected by design rights) that keeps the surface just taut enough for the cover to stay crease free, yet forgiving enough to avoid the mattress feeling rigid. To get this quality in a traditional bed would normally cost over £3000, yet our beds are installed for half that whilst lasting twice as long.

Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest, and delivery is typically a few weeks. Beds are made to order and installed as part of the service.

If you want to remind yourself of the advantages of waterbeds click here because they give the highest level of comfort.

The HydroBed is a most economic complete bed (base and mattress) that has the system (which is protected by design rights) included.

The bed looks just like a traditional divan, and the base is upholstered in damask to match the mattress, or the base can be in a choice of wood veneers. In general most people valance these beds and most choose them with drawers where they can store sheets, underwear and towels. Once valanced the finish of the bed becomes irrelevant and unseen. In your bedroom they are indistinguishable from ordinary beds until you lie on them ... when the bed is instantly welcoming

The HydroBed Waterbed can be ordered with or without a curved faux suede headboard.

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