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Wobble Boards

Studies show that for every age group and fitness level, balance training helps prevent falls and injuries. Rocker Boards and Wobble Boards are excellent for improving balance, co-ordination and confidence, while also burning off extra calories and toning muscles. These boards are extremely hard-wearing and safe for use in shoes, socks or bare foot.

Which is right for me?
We've selected the best wobbles that we can find, and made this page a 1 stop shop for quality wobble boards.

Rocker Board or Wobble Board?
The first thing you will notice is that the Rocker Boards have just side to side (or front to back) motion, compared to the Wobble Boards that have 360(degree) movement. The Rocker Boards are great for beginners, and as you get more confident you can move on to the Wobble Boards.

40cm or 50cm?
The Wobble Boards come in varying sizes. Usually the larger boards are easier to balance on, so the 50cm Wobble Boards would usually be described as an Intermediate, and the smaller 40cm boards would be classed as Expert.
Of course the other variable that affects the degree of difficulty is the angle of tilt, the higher the tilt the more difficult it can be to balance. With many Wobble Boards the height (and therefore the angle) is fixed, but we have found wobble boards where you can be adjust the height and angle to suit your level of skill.

PVC or Wood?
They are both very high quality and we have never had anything go wrong with these. They are also both non-slip, so can be used with bare feet, socks or with trainers. The only difference we can find is that the wooden wobble board we offer come with 2 year warranty compared to the PVC's 1 year.

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