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HAG Wing Chairs

HAG Wing Chair

The HÅG Conventio Wing is tailor-made for meetings and conferences.

It has an excellent rocking mechanism which allows you to move more freely forwards and backwards whilst seated.

It’s light and airy, yet sturdy, and enables you to arrange rows of seating quickly and efficiently.

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HAG Wing Chair

Affordable Movement

We can’t say it enough, movement is everything. We haven’t yet found a back problem that isn’t improved by it (except a few during the early recovery stages) and your body struggles to function without it.

“I move, therefore I am.”
- Haruki Murakami,

Movement is not just about what you do outside of work, it can completely transform your work environment - Find furniture that nourishes you rather than getting in your way. Your office chair is like a life partner, and you’ll probably spend more time with your chair than almost anyone or anything else in your life.