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The New and Improved!

Moll T8 Standing Desk

Meet the latest edition to the Moll family, the all new T8. An upgrade to the much loved T7, despite the hefty price tag you get one of the most stylish and high quality desks.

  • Easy to use,
  • High quality German manufacture,
  • Zero shake with movement,
  • Near silent motors,
  • Built in hidden storage,
  • Disguised invisible cable management,
  • Hidden in desk plug sockets...
Moll T8 Standing Desk

Best looking sit-stand desk ever?

Moll, a wonderful family owned German manufacturer don't half make some incredible furniture. The quality is unrivaled for the price and although they are expensive desks they come with lots of functionality that you don't get in other standing (or non-standing) desks.

We love for example the huge stationary drawer hidden in the front desk panel, and the hidden plug sockets (and very clever cable management) along the back of the desk - meaning no trailing wires, no messy cables, nothing to catch when you move the desk.

From the manufacturer:

There is no such thing as a perfect ergonomic posture — neither at the office nor at home. But there is a perfect desk for every activity and every challenge. With its user-friendly operation and unique variability, the moll T8 grows with the user to supremely adapt to every situation. Whether as a home office, a crafts table, a hobby corner in the living room or as a stylish all-purpose desk, the moll T8 offers a healthy, comfortable solution for every situation in life and work. Timeless design is always the ultimate statement: Design for Life.

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Beautiful and built to last

Moll Brand Profile

Moll Funktion is a German company founded on the principles of ergonomic design. They place a strong emphasis on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture solutions.
It's built to last! Their commitment to sustainability is apparent in their approach to crafting products that last and last or grow with a family.

Moll makes furniture that we find enhances productivity and aligns with our values of environmental responsibility.

Moll  Beautiful and built to last