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Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Paul Smith for Varier

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Beautifully Upholstered

Back in Action are pleased to reveal our exclusive collection of our favourite Varier chairs, all upholstered in Paul Smith Fabric.

Paul Smith is a leading English fashion and fabric designer - Varier is a leading Norwegian Furniture manufacturer; We think that in combination, our favourite chairs look even better in this beautiful fabric.

Our photographs are optimised to highlight this wonderful fabric.
All these chairs are available in Natural Beech, and Black Stain.

Visit Our Stores

Visit us in store where you can try the Varier range first-hand. You can see and feel the full range of fabric and leather options, and experience the comfort and style. You can also take advantage of our friendly and knowledgeable staff who can talk you through all the options and help customise the chair to fit you and your needs.

This offers almost perfect design and function. Only the Thatsit exceeds the Variables qualities, but the Variable wins on price so it's our best selling kneeling chair.

The Variable can fit people from 5' 2" to 6' tall. People below 5' 2" will need to order Variable Blocks. People above 6" should use the Thatsit.

We have thousands of clients who use it for all day office work. The runners allow the body's movements to totally control the chair. It can be used just about anywhere, as it's small, strong and very easy to handle.

The Actulum is an elegant general purpose chair which reduces sitting fatigue. It is well suited to study and hobbies, including foot operated pursuits. The rocking movement helps to maintain alertness.

Actulums make great dining chairs (particularly with our dining tables), allowing long enjoyable dinner parties and conversation well into the night.

This chair can be a study or hobby chair, or an office chair. It's a great all-rounder and one of our favourites. Design: Peter Opsvik.

A multi purpose stool that lets the body move fully through 360 degrees. Perfect as a standing support. Easy to use and light enough to move around with you.

The disc base is graded, giving Move a tilting angle to follow your body's differing positions. The disc base is equipped with a rubber surface to ensure friction and to protect the floor. Freedom of movement is important to us all and Move could be the most movable experience you'll ever have!

The Pendulum and the Actulum are two chairs with a slightly different appearance and action.Both chairs are made to fit tables up to 75-cm height. The runners make it possible to change position comfortably. The overall design and functionality makes the chair suitable for either a work or study environment.
In Back in Action stores most people choose the actulum despite its higher price.

When tilted forward, the seat angle encourages a naturally wide angle between the thigh and torso. This makes breathing easier and provides well-being whilst seated.

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