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Salli Saddle

Salli Saddle

Salli Saddle is a top choice for medical proffessionals. This is an innovative way of improving posture to beat back pain, strengthening the back muscles and increasing blood circulation in your legs.



Unfortunately this product is no longer available to purchase via our website. If you are looking for something similar we have the Varier Move and Muvman Stool.

Salli Saddle

Effective rehabilitation for lower back and pelvic floor muscles

It follows with the natural ergonomics of the body, pushing you up into an almost standing position, which keep your thighs pointing down, tilts the pelvis forward, and straightens the spine.

The Salli Saddles with tilt adjustments are highly recommended as it allows the body to stay fully active through the day, maintaining an up-right posture, preventing stiff muscles and increasing your metabolism.

All the chairs come with a 5 year warranty (10 years if you register the product and complete a feedback survey).
The chairs have multiple colour and fabric options, including real leather, artificial leather, and an option for ESD Cleanroom.

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