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Sitting Partner - Portable Lumbar Support

Sitting Partner

"The best way to reduce aches is to move every minute. Your back is made of ligaments, tendons and muscles designed to keep moving."     - Professor Roger Kelly

Sitting Partner

Sitting Partner is an effective relief for back pain, which avoids the pitfalls of most lumbar supports, making it more comfortable and more suitable for lengthy use. It can be a great part of a healthy “movement based” life style.

Designed by a Norwegian Doctor to help his patients, Sitting Partner has become a world-wide success. It is frequently recommended as part of treatment. Its design-protected shape not only supports the spine, taking the strain off painful ligaments, muscles and discs, but it constantly moves, thus promoting better circulation and lymph drainage.

The Sitting Partner can be set to four different positions, so will fit everyone. A special, inflatable air pocket allows increased support if your back is acute, or if you will be sitting still such as in a plane or car.

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