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Technogel Mattress

Technogel Mattress

Technogel Mattress

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Where temperature control is a priority this is the best mattress we have ever found.

Technogel® was developed for medical use as a pressure relieving material.  Its unique soft-solid state means that it is cool to the touch, avoids over heating, (used by athletes for recovery sessions), and because it moulds to your body, exceptionally comfortable.

Technogel® Mattress

Exclusively made for BackInAction to meet the safer UK Fire Regulations the main benefits of theTechnogel® mattress include

  • Thermal Regulation - the cooling gel means an average 2°C cooler than other mattresses
  • Pressure Relief - moulds to the body and evenly distributes pressure
  • Durable - 20 year Warranty (if registered inside the first 3 months, otherwise it's 10 years.)  - the material does not harden with age and tests show no deformation after 300,000 pressure cycles (thats 300,000 sleeps to you and me)
  • VAT exempt when bought for a medical condition
  • Covers are hypo-allergenic and washable (Summer and Winter covers available)
  • 20 if you registered inside the first 3 months, otherwise it's 10 years. 

"I'm not an elite athlete by any means, but this was really lovely - a bit of a Goldilocks moment, not too firm, not too soft - Wow!"

Major (retd) Nell Mead

Clinical director & Consultant Physiotherapist

Technogel Soft Deluxe Pillow In Stock
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Technogel Soft Deluxe Pillow

The classic shape pillow is a popular choice, but the anatomic shape may give you better support.

Warranty: 2 years

Size Assembled: W: 64cm, D: 39cm, H: Varies (see drop down)

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