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Technogel Soft Deluxe Pillow

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Technogel Soft Deluxe Pillow

The classic shape pillow is a popular choice, but the anatomic shape may give you better support.

Technogel Soft Deluxe Pillow

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Warranty: 2 years

Size Assembled: W: 64cm, D: 39cm, H: Varies (see drop down)

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Technogel Cooling Pillow

Technogel Cooling Pillow

It's like sleeping on the cool side of the pillow... Always!

Do you continually turn your pillow over to get the brief relief of the cool side of the pillow?

Or throw the covers off half way through the night to cool down?

Technogel Cooling Pillow

Technogel offers cool relief!

The unique cooling Technogel is present in both their mattresses and their pillows; this gel continually absorbs heat and cools you throughout the night. Click here to read about the mattresses.

It has been clinically tested that even a small increase in ambient room temperature throughout the night will disrupt your sleep cycle, reducing the quality of your sleep. With Technogel, your core body temperature is regulated. Your body does not waste energy cooling and reheating, as you would experience with non-heat-regulating mattresses and pillows. This will allow for maximum energy to be used to relax and repair your body and revitalise your organs, which will help you to sleep deeper and longer, and have you awaking refreshed and ready for the day.


The Technogel pillows have a layer of cooling Technogel over memory foam, this offers superior pressure relief.
The Technogel pillows come in varying styles and sizes, ranging from 9cm to 14cm in height, to suit almost everyone. To be fitted with a pillow tailored to your sleeping style; on your side or your back, we recommend you visit one of our stores. You will receive impartial advice from our expert staff and can try the pillows and mattresses out for yourself, or for further information and advice contact one of our stores.

Sky Pro Cycling

Technogel is an Official Supplier of Sky Pro Cycling. They have provided pillows and mattress toppers to the team to increase their rest and recovery during multi-stage cycle races, including the Tour de France. It is part of the Sky Pro Cycling philosophy that in order to push hard and strong, you need to rest equally hard. Technogel offers the best relaxation and support that the team needs in between race stages and adds constancy to their sleep patterns during events that can often seem chaotic.

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