Hydro-Viscous Mattresses

Akva Waterbeds

Waterbeds offer more pressure relief than any conventional mattress and also give superior support across your body and along your spine.

Akva Waterbeds

A good night's sleep is so important, not just because roughly one third of our lives is spent on sleep, but also because that third of our life greatly determines the quality of the other two thirds.

You can personalise the level of stability (see FAQ for details) and control the temperature of the water, so no matter what time of year, you'll slip into a perfectly harmonised sleeping environment.

Our body temperature varies greatly through the night and this can have implications for couples, who often "run" at different temperatures to each other. The dual mattress and separate heater option can be the best solution, giving you independent environments tailored to your own needs but without resorting to separate beds!

Life long support:

We offer continual support throughout the life of your waterbed and beyond, just call us if you have a question on 0117 922 6377 or contact us via our website.

Fitting and Assembly

If you would like to have your bed installed by us, please contact us for a price.

There is a wide choice of textiles available for the removable zip on top cover, all machine washable and varying temperatures. Please ask us for advice.

All options of headboards and bases are inter-changeable between all models.

Duals are available in all levels of stabilization.