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Akva Waterbed Accessories

Keeping Your Waterbed Healthy

Look no further for all the accessories you could need to accompany your Akva Waterbed.

Akva Long Life Water Cleanser

Added once a year to keep the water clean.

Stock: More than 109 in stock
Total: £10
Akva Guard Protector

Seals the surface of the mattress so the vinyl lasts longer.

Stock: More than 9 in stock
Total: £7.95
Akva Vinyl Wash

Biodegradable care product for the water mattress surface.

Stock: More than 12 in stock
Total: £7.95
Akva Care Kit 1 (Long Life + Vinyl Wash + Akva Guard)
RRP £25.90

Gift box with Long Life, Akva Guard and Vinyl Wash.

Akva Long Life Water Cleanser
Akva Guard Protector
Akva Vinyl Wash
Total: £22.95 RRP £25.90
Akva Quiet Air Remover
RRP £5.72

Removes air from the water mattress.

Stock: More than 20 in stock
Total: £4.95 RRP £5.72
Akva Capsule Set
Total: £2.95
Akva Electric Heater
Stock: More than 4 in stock
Total: £141
Akva Repair Kit
RRP £4
Stock: More than 27 in stock
Total: £2.95 RRP £4
Akva Soap Flakes
Total: £18.95
Akva Leather Wax
Total: £18.95
Akva Air Extractor
Stock: More than 10 in stock
Total: £13.95

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