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Sonlevo True Gel Mattress

Sonlevo True Gel Mattress

Float Off To Sleep

It’s hard falling asleep stressed. It’s even harder when you’re uncomfortable too.

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Sonlevo True Gel Mattress

The UK's First True Gel Grid Mattress.

From side-sleepers to star-fishers, nappers and night owls, to those who suffer in pain – we exist to make everyone more comfortable.

Comfort And Support

Gel grid technology provides both pressure point relief and joint support. Which responds immediately to movement, maintaining balance of comfort and support. The open grid structure minimizes points of contact and facilitates airflow and cooling.

All of our products are designed to offer a cooler night’s sleep, greater support and advanced pressure relief, to give the feeling of floating.

Sonlevo True Gel Made to Order
RRP £1,335
Total: £883.33 with FREE delivery RRP £1,335

Are you using this product for a health condition? If so, you probably don't need to pay VAT. Read the details below or contact us for details.

Sonlevo True Gel

• 5000 Gel pockets
• 250mm deep mattress
• TrueGel TechnologyTM for advanced cooling and support
• 400% better airflow than standard foam
• Weight is evenly distributed throughout the mattress

Standard Lead Time: 4-5 Weeks

Warranty: 10 Years

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Zero-rated VAT

We promise that our prices are the best you can get, but there may be a way to save even more! There is a little known VAT office concession which allows most Back in Action customers to buy certain products without paying the VAT element. If you (or someone who will be using one of these specific products) are suffering from a chronic/long term condition you should fully explore if this concession applies.

To make it clear: when an item can be purchased at vat zero rating for health reasons, and we offer that option on-line, there will be two pricing options shown and you simply choose the one applicable to your circumstances.

To make sure you don't miss out on this concession here is a brief summary:

  1. To claim the VAT concession both you and the product you are buying from us must qualify.
  2. To decide if your condition allows the concession simply call us. We will talk you through the criteria.
  3. If we agree that your condition justifies VAT relief Back in Action will deduct VAT on the following products:
    All Adjustable Bases
    Back in Action Mattress
    Memory Flex Mattress
    Mammoth Mattress
    All Mattresses when purchased with an Adjustable Base
    Altea Lifting Chairs
    MBT Shoes
    The Mobiliser
  4. You will be sent a Back in Action Vat Exemption Form with your order confirmation, on which you will simply state your condition, sign it and return it back to us. We sign it and keep it on file with your order paperwork. If you do not return the form inside 14 days then (of course) we will have to charge you the VAT.
  5. VAT registered companies such as Back in Action have their VAT figures checked on average every three years. During this the VAT office will select a few forms and check that everything is correct from your side and ours.

To summarise: As a health orientated centre we are in a unique position to help you claim what is rightfully available. If your condition and the product you are buying qualifies then we will not charge VAT. We provide you with a simple form, and if this is correctly filled in we confirm that we will not charge the VAT. You don't need to provide us with any proof, but you may need to do so to the VAT office if they select your sale as a random check. The majority of Back in Action customers find they are eligible for this relief.