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Royal Rest Pillows

Royal Rest Pillows

Royal Rest Pillows

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The Royal Rest pillow is a unique combination of soft base material and firm support cores. Designed to meet the most important requirements of an orthopaedic pillow comfort and support, a firm favourite  for back and side sleepers.

Royal Rest pillows are available  in both classic comfort foam (Royal Rest Original) and in visco-elastic memory foam (Royal Rest Memory). 

The firm flexing oval shaped cores give ultimate support for correct spine alignment without discomforting counter pressure to sensitive necks. It has an excellent air circulation through out its open cell structure. This means that it does not promote perspiration or heat build up.

 Royal Rest Sensus Memory Foam version has an open cell structure which prevents heat buildup and perspiration. This temperature sensitive foam moulds to the shape of your head and neck to give a restful nights sleep It's  available in Standard or Maxi (wider) sizes for both of these two qualities and each pillow has two different heights to suit all people.

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Royal Rest Pillow

Beautifully designed pillows with two firm cores to increase support and comfort.
Use one side for a moderate level of lift and support - and the other for a more marked level of support. 

As shaped pillows go, these are incredibly soft and easy to get used to. 

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Size Assembled: Standard- 51 x 34 x 11-13cm Maxi- 65 x 34 x 11-13cm
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