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Contoured Foam Pillows

Contoured Foam Pillows

Contoured Neck Pillows

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Foam & Memory Foam

We stock a wide range of pillows from a variety of manufacturers. Most are made from the same pressure relieving material used in our mattresses. Our pillows mould to the shape of your head and neck to ensure proper support for your neck and spine.

What pillow is best for YOU? Well ... it depends on a number of criteria; height, weight, build, shoulder width, how you sleep, whether you want the pillow for back and neck pains, your budget, etc.

The best way that we can answer this question is if for you to visit one of our stores, and our highly skilled staff will be able to fit you with your ideal pillow.

Too far to travel? Don't worry ... we have a very high success rate with fitting people over the phone. We will ask you some questions and fit you with the best pillow for you.

Want to do it online? We have lots of information below to aid you in your search for the perfect pillow, and if you need any more information you can email us and our dedicated staff will email you back as soon as possible.

The Back in action Pillow in partnership with Putnams

  • Neck Shaped Pillows
  • High Quality
  • Good to Excellent Neck Support
  • One FREE Velour winter cover
  • One FREE CoolMax summer cover

Visco Memory Foam gives additional neck support.

Backinaction Pillow In Stock
  • Foam or Visco Memory Foam
  • Excellent Neck Support
  • One FREE Velour Winter Cover
  • One FREE CoolMax Summer Cover

Standard Lead Time: 24hr Courier

Size Assembled:
Small- 52 x 31 x 8-11cm
Medium- 60 x 31 x 9-12cm
Large- 58 x 33 x 12-15cm

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large
Total: £71

Royal Rest Pillows

Royal Rest Pillows are designed to meet the two most important requirements of an orthopaedic pillow - comfort and support!

These are softer than the Back In Action pillows are therefore particularly good for those wanting support but with more of a conventional feel.

Royal Rest Pillow In Stock
RRP £61.70

Ergonomically designed pillows with two firm cores to increase support and comfort.

Total: £58 RRP £61.70

Technogel Pillow

Unique cooling Technogel combined with pressure relieving memory foam, creates one of the worlds most luxurious pillow.
It's like sleeping on the cool side of the pillow... Always!

To read more and see the full range visit our Technogel Pillow page.

Technogel Anatomic Soft Pillow In Stock

The wave shape pillow contors to the shape of your neck and head.

Warranty: 2 years

Size Assembled: W: 65cm, D: 41cm H: Varies (see drop down)

Stock: In Stock - over 10 in stock
Total: £165 with FREE delivery
Technogel Soft Deluxe Pillow In Stock

The classic shape pillow is a popular choice, but the anatomic shape may give you better support.

Warranty: 2 years

Size Assembled: W: 64cm, D: 39cm, H: Varies (see drop down)

Stock: In Stock - over 10 in stock
Total: £165 with FREE delivery

Sleeping Partner

Best for front sleepers, travelling and waterbed users.

Back In Action - Sleeping Partner In Stock

The Sleeping Partner is a larger version of the Sitting Partner.

It is ideal to use on a waterbed as a pillow, or used as a travel pillow. Alternatively it can be used as a leg support cushion, or giant lumbar support.

Standard Lead Time: 2 working days

Stock: In Stock - over 50 in stock
Total: £39.95

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