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Foamo Pillow

Aeyla Foamo Pillow

Aeyla Foamo Pillow

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Sleep Better With The Adjustable Pillow

If you're reading this, your pillow is probably not giving you the right support you need. It's uncomfortable, it's lumpy and looks like a flat tyre when you wake up. But now there's a better way to sleep! Enter the Foamo, memory foam pillow offers both comfort and support and is fully adjustable to fit your perfectly.

Key Benefits: 

  • Ideal for allergy sufferers: Filled with fine microfiber & free of harmful toxins/chemicals.
  • Stay cool and comfortable throughout the night, thanks to the breathable and soft 100% cotton outer shell.
  • Fully adjustable pillow, made (literally) for you. Stuff or unstuff this fully customisable pillow at home, to create the perfect plumpness.
  • Adapts to every sleep position: Perfect for side, back & stomach sleepers.
  • Arrives vacuum sealed and you can watch it rise within minutes.


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The FOAMO Pillow
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The Aeyla Foamo pillow is the perfect pillow for anyone who wants to have their best nights sleep. It is combined the highest quality Oeko-Tex certified shredded memory foam with cooling elements, so you can enjoy the cold side of the pillow, with a comfortable and pain free sleep night after night. The Foamo pillow is fully adjustable, so regardless of who uses it - you'll always have your best sleep!

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