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HAG H04 Chair


HÅG H04 is the new version of HÅG Credo, Scandinavia's best selling office chair. With a traditional but contemporary visual design this is the perfect chair for all companies and offices, big or small.


Unfortunately the H04 office chair is no longer available to purchase via the Back In Action website.

We might however have some ex display models in our stores. Please call us to discuss models, to ask any questions, or pop into one of our stores for a full seating assessment.

Looking for something which is like the H04? We have a new model which is the best of both worlds, The HAG Creed. There is nothing else quite like it... The HAG Creed is based on two of our most loved originals: the H04 and H05.


If you are looking to update your companies office area, visit out workplace assessment page, and we can arrange for Back in Action to come to you!!


Quickstep Footrest

This gives extra floor height and is far superior to static alternatives. The Quickstep further activates the circulation and stimulates co-ordination. It stretches the calf muscles and gives the soles of the feet a comfortable massage.

  • Tilting footrest, stimulates circulation
  • Foot massager
  • Balance training


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HAG Stepup Footrest

HÅG StepUp grants you two extra levels to move your feet (4 in total) to when you're sitting down. You can move your feet on the floor, on the footplate of the star base, on the StepUp plate and on the globe - all in harmony with the chair.

  • Two extra levels for your feet
  • Greater variety of seating positions
  • Stimulating circulation
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • for use with 150, 200, 265mm gas lifts
  • Suited desk heights: 80-95 cm


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