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Hippychick Hip Seat Hippychick Hip Seat Hippychick Hip Seat

No More Hip Twisting

We love products like the Hippychick Hipseat, it truly is wonderful. A simple product that can prevent serious health issues.

Lets get straight to the point - Back pain for mothers is such a common problem, yet so few do anything about it. Lets face it, you're body has been through a lot, and now as your child grows and their weight increases, so does the strain on you back, arms and hips.

  • Rocking them to sleep
  • Holding them when they're upset
  • Carrying them to the shops

The Hippychick takes the weight of your child and spreads the load around your waist.

For Chronic Back Pain

For those that are suffering from chronic back pain, the Hippychick might not be the answer. The Hippychick is more of a preventative measure, to counter the aches and strains developing into a serious health condition. The Mobiliser System has the power to get stiff joints moving!

If you ever need advice and assistance to tackle your back pain head on, we are just a phone call away.

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