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Laptop Arm

Laptop Arm

Laptop Arm

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Bring Your Laptop To Eye-Level

A Laptop Arm adds flexibility to any workplace as it positions the notebook screen to the perfect position to relieve eye, neck and back strain. Laptop Arms lift the laptop off the desktop reclaiming valuable desk space. It enables you to use your laptop display as your main display eliminating the cost of buying an extra screen.

As an alternative option, a dual-screen configuration is easily created by placing the notebook side-by-side with your existing computer monitor.

Ergotron LX Desk Mount Notebook Arm - Silver In Stock

The Ergotron LX Notebook Arm is compatible with any notebook weighing up to 5.45 kg.

  • Save costs by eliminating the expense of an extra screen or create an inexpensive, productive dual-display configuration
  • Free up your desktop to increase your workspace
  • Position your notebook screen for maximum comfort to relieve eye, neck and back strain
  • Easy-to-use - simple installation and effortless operation

Includes: desk clamp and grommet mount; Velcro kit, non-slip pad and clips to hold notebook in place Compatible with most notebooks, with or without dock.

Standard Lead Time: 1-2 days

Boxes Per Item: 1

Weight Capacity: 1.14 to 5.45 kg.
Mounting Options: Desk Clamp attaches to surface edge 13 to 47 mm thick; Grommet Mount attaches through surface holes 8 to 51 mm wide and up to 2-1/2" (63 mm) thick.

Stock: No Stock - stock due soon
Total: £194 with FREE delivery
Ergotron Laptop Holder

Ergotron Monitor Arm with Laptop Attachment

  • Weight Capacity: 3.1 - 9.1kg

Standard Lead Time: 1-2 days

Boxes Per Item: 2

Ergotron Monitor Arm
Ergotron Laptop Attachment
Total: £212 with FREE delivery

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