You might not have that little bundle of joy in your arms just yet, but motherhood starts here. Your child is growing and developing at a rapid rate and it will need to have the best environment to thrive.


The Move Stool

The most wonderful leaning post for when you are not feeling up to standing. Many of our customers use the move stool in the office but actually we think one of its greatest uses is in the home. We use them for the ironing, cooking, chopping and as a spare seat at dinner parties. Wonderful for taking the weight off your feet and making day to day tasks easier.

Varier Move

Bliss for you and your baby...

We believe that floating through pregnancy can be a truly wonderful experience. It offers a stimuli-free environment to really connect with your body and baby during what can be a stressful and physically draining time. We recommend floating in the later stages of pregnancy when the strain on your body and the need for a breather will be most significant.

Floating while pregnant

Our Favourite Nursing Chair

This is one of our top picks because its also a popular living room chair; so you can use it long after your little one has grown up. Ideal for nursery or living rooms and with a wonderful gentle rocking motion to help you and baby stay comfortable. This chair is often bought as a recliner because of its beautiful clean design aesthetic.

Modern Nursing Chair

The Varier Gravity Chair

With your bump growing bigger everyday, you are carrying more and more weight on the front of you. Your muscles are working harder than before and many women feel feel achey and lethargic...
The zero gravity position, reclined back with your feet above your heart, will immediately relieve your lower back, with added benefits for your circulation and any foot swelling. It will not only be a godsend during the pregnancy but it would also make a great nursing chair too. That gentle rocking will soothe your little one off to sleep.

Varier Gravity

The Varier Actulum Rocker

Our favourite dining chair also happens to be our favourite nursing chair. With the same ergonomic principles as the Gravity, the base allows for a natural movement, great for blood distribution and muscle activation.

Use this chair at the dining table watching TV, at your computer desk, wherever you want to. It is small, attractive and versatile and will be training your core as you sit... especially important during and after pregnancy.

Varier Actulum

Portable Back Support

Back pain in the car or on the sofa during pregnancy? Try our Backfriend. This will gently encourage a raise in the hip angle and tilt the pelvis into a much more comfortable and ergonomic shape, immediately relieving the pressure in your lower back. It is small, lightweight and portable so you can easily take it to a friend's house, or on the bus too.

MEDesign Backfriend

A Portable Saddle Seat

Many midwives and GPs recommend core strengthening activities before, during and after your pregnancy.

A Sitfit cushion or Humantool saddle seat can be added to your dining or office chair during the day to gently increase your muscle use. They do this by creating a slight instability which will encourage your core muscles to activate and work harder while you sit. As your body changes over the coming months these sitting aids can help with balance so that you can support your continually changing body.

Human Tool Saddle Seat

The Mobiliser - a post-birth helping hand

Following the birth of your baby your muscles and soft tissue will be adapting to carrying, feeding and looking after your baby. It's really common for new mothers to be in pain for some time after birth.

Our Mobiliser System offers spinal mobilisation to help with your recovery. It is a 15 minute session and can be used in your own home, so very convenient while you are dedicated to a newborn. This will help to restore strength and symmetry to your body while keeping you mobile and flexible. Treat yourself sooner rather than later. We don't want to see you in ten years time to undo the compensations you will be building up if you don't look after yourself from day one!

The Mobiliser