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Stokke® Sleepi

Stokke® Sleepi

Sleepi ™ is an elegant crib and cot and bed that makes any nursery look more beautiful. It's gentle curved shape is such a contrast to normal sharp cornered cots.

Stokke Sleepi

Helping Children to sleep more soundly:

How does Sleepi ™ help?
Children are known to experience sleep difficulties when they are moved into large beds after nurturing cots. With the Sleepi ™ System your child can start with the MiniCot, then convert this to the full size cot (shown above) and then convert this into a first bed. That means your child is 7 yrs plus before they have to change bed!


Due to an imminent warehouse move we are pausing the sales of this product and will not be re-stocking for the forseeable future.
All items listed on our website as 'In Stock' are still available (at incredible prices) with next day delivery.

We will be continuing to stock the brilliant Stokke Tripp Trapp chair and the Stokke Steps. These are in stock for next day delivery.

Please call to check stock if you are planning to visit us to view the Stokke collection.

Sleepi Canopy

This is an attractive canopy that can be washed easily. The rod on which it hangs comes with the MiniCot kit. Shown here on the MiniCot it can be fitted to the main cot too if you wish (the canopy rod can be ordered separately for those who didn't buy the MiniCot kit).

Sleepi Fitted Sheet

You can wrap sheets around the curved mattress but these do the job much better at a good price.

  1. White
  2. White
Stokke Sleepi Natural Mat

The Naturalmat Coco Mat is ideal for Stokke ® Mini, Sleepi & Junior.

A) Pure Cotton Cover... breathable, chemical free, and washable.
B) Lambswool... excellent insulator and ventilator, and protects against dust mites.
C) Organic Core... Made from the sustainable coconut plantations, breathable, and supportive.

  1. NaturalMat Junior
Sleepi Protection Sheet

Keeps the mattresses fresher and cleaner for longer. Comes in 2 sizes.

  1. Protection Cot

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