Stokke Tripp Trapp Information

What is Tripp Trapp?

The Stokke® Tripp Trapp®is the best selling children's chair in the world, with well over 9 million chairs sold since 1972.


Because it removes the need for dangling legs and bad posture and bringing your child up to the correct level for any table.

It improves early learning of social skills by letting your child watch and repeat actions around the dining table, as well as giving your child the best ergonomic start in life.

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What is Tripp Trapp?

Our Tripp Trapp ® essential buying tips

Tripp Trapp ®: This is not just a highchair, this is the start of teaching your child to sit with the correct posture, the Tripp Trapp ® chair should be adjusted once or twice a year to adapt to your ever growing child. If you lose or forget the tips on how to adjust the chair, give us a call we will be only too happy to help.

Chair Colour Tips: Please note Whitewash and Hazy Grey colours are transparent and the wood grain is visible through the stain. It is a cloudy rather than pure white / Grey and varies with natural wood variations. It looks great if you like to see the natural wood grain. The white / Storm Grey colours from Stokke ® are an alternative and are a cleaner more predictable white / grey but with no wood grain visible.

Newborn : Choose a colour that suits you, and use the extra textiles to allow for the other to be in the wash. The Newborn  also acts as a rocker when used on the floor.

Babyset: Young children love bright colours so go mad... choose the high chair in your favourite colour but the conversion in a bright colour that your child will enjoy. When the high chair conversion is removed the chair becomes more “you” and fits with your interior design scheme.

Cushion: Use ONLY the backrest cushion until your child is out of nappies. Your child will be more comfortable sitting on the wooden seat than on the seat cushion, plus the wooden seat can be wiped clean after every meal time, and it's much easier to get your baby in and out of the chair. All the cushion sets are completely machine-washable.

Harness: Every high-chair is safer if you use a harness. Not all children will try and climb out of a high chair but physically advanced children might, even at 6 months. As with all high chairs, DO keep the harness on the chair at all times. Stokke's ® harness is simply the best we've seen, and it contains very strong attachment clips to connect it to the chair.

Table Top: Stokke ® have developed a table protector that is also a playstation for younger children. Highly recommended if you use the Tripp Trapp around expensive tables.

Cleaning: The Tripp Trapp ® is made of solid, varnished or painted wood, and needs to be cleaned similar to an expensive dining table. Stokke ® recommends no detergents are used on the chair. Use only warm water, and remember to wipe the chair dry after cleaning

Tripp Trapp®: the chair that grows with the child

This product is for everybody... from 6 months of age right up to adulthood. The high back, front rail and strap of the Baby Set convert the Tripp Trapp® into the best high chair you can get. As the child grows, you take the baby set away and keep on adjusting the chair. Children will keep on using the chair with the footrest up to the age of about 11 or 12. After this, take the children's seat plate away and use the footrest as the seat instead for a comfortable adult chair.

Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set: using your Tripp Trapp® from birth.

Your baby wants to be close to you at all times including when you are sitting, eating or chatting around the table. Bring them round the table with you it will be key to the growth and development of your child social skill.

The Newborn has filled the gap from 0-6 months, and has extended the life span of the Tripp Trapp from 0-99 years. It is a safe and comfortable place at the table, and when you clip the Newborn off the chair you can bring your newborn around the house to keep your baby close to you no matter where you need to be. The base of the newborn set is shaped to create rocking movements when placed on the floor.

Why it Works

The adjustability of the Tripp Trapp®gives a young child a footrest at the right height to trigger all the body's natural postural reflexes via contact through the soles of the feet, combined with a seat that can be set short enough to allow the child to bend the knees to use the footrest and still be able to use the backrest if required.

Why buy your Tripp Trapp® from Back in Action

Back in Action is renowned for its ergonomics expertise and after sale care. Tripp Trapp® is a wonderful product; its greatest strength is a simple and comprehensive adjustment system. Simple as it is... it does require parents to understand basis ergonomics... to fit it to your child perfectly... to keep your child and content and happy at the table! Buy Tripp Trapp® from Back in Action, in store or on-line, and we will give you comprehensive instructions. Over the years we will offer whatever help and advice you need.