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3Dee by Aeris - Active Office Chair - with 360° seat tilt.
Ideal for keeping moving and active while sitting.

Swopper 3Dee

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Capture:  Capture exudes luxury and sophistication. It offers the soft, comfortable and handcrafted charm of tweed and wool in an up-to-date look and in modern colours. It is heritage - with a unique and contemporary twist. 85% New Zealand wool.

Select: is a classic woollen upholstery fabric distinguished by its underplayed, unicoloured elegance and its basic, authentic look that exudes sublime craftsmanship and first class quality. 

Comfort: Beautiful suede effect, extremely soft to touch, with high durability and a huge colour range! Our most popular fabric option for office chairs. Made of 37% recycled plastic, this is a vegan Poly-Blend.

Leather: High quality and a beautiful surface embossing but also offers optimal seating comfort. The soft leather is easy to clean, breathable and stands out for its antistatic properties.

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360 Degree Pivot Movement

Aeris 3Dee Chair

The new Aeris 3Dee office chair provides truly dynamic seating. As its name suggests the 3Dee offers unrivalled seat movement; with 360° seat tilt and up to 10cm seat bounce.

Aeris 3Dee Chair

Dynamic in Every Detail

The result is an office chair that continually adjusts and follows you body's movements, engaging core muscles and maintaining better posture.

The 3Dee is avaliable in 5 colours and a premium leather. It comes with the black frame as standard, and a polished aluminium version is available as an optional extra; call us for details.

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Muvman, Swopper and Swopper 3D

Swopper Brand Profile

Aeris is a family run German company specialising in ergonomic chairs for active sitting and beating back pain in the office. Their product line includes the Muvman, Swopper and Swopper 3D. Dynamic seating options designed to promote movement and enhance well-being.

Notably, Aeris focuses on creating chairs that adapt to the user's natural movements, encouraging a healthier and more dynamic sitting experience.

With a commitment to quality and user-centric design, Aeris aims to revolutionise traditional seating paradigms by offering chairs that prioritise comfort, flexibility, and overall ergonomic benefit.

Swopper  Muvman Swopper and Swopper 3D