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Ballo Stool

Ballo Stool

For Active Sitting

  • Active Sitting
  • Part Gym Ball - Part Stool
  • Strengthens Core Muscles

We've sadly decided to cease this product after experience with reliability.  We have ex display remaining.   Please call.

Don't get deflated!!.  We have other wonderful ways to satisfy your design and comfort wishes.

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The Ballo belongs to a group of chairs where the designer believes in movement being healthy.    We ourselves loved its funky design and comfort but we are unsure if we will take them back into stock after our last ones have gone.      We need some reassurances re leaks that affected some of our stock.

The ballo was inspired by the exercise ball. Don Chadwick designed Ballo, for Humanscale, to replace your old boring office chair. Ballo intends to keep you moving by encouraging low intensity physical activity, you must use your legs and core to stay upright.

Both the top and the bottom are non-slip, dimpled air domes that are made from TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate), which contains no PVCs. A concrete counterweight is incorporated into the bottom dome to keep the stool standing when you’re not sitting on it.

At just 13.5 pounds, Ballo is super lightweight so you can move it around to where you need it.
Call for details: 01494 434343

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