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HAG Capisco Puls

HAG Capisco Puls - Create Your Own

The Hag Capisco Puls, 8010 and 8020 models are among the most unusual ergonomic office chairs out there. This is an all-time favourite for many of our team.
In our own offices and showrooms, this (or its fully upholstered sibling the Capisco 8106) is the most commonly chosen chair.

HAG Capisco Puls  Create Your Own

Compact and Afforable

Perfect for Sit to Stand

They pair beautifully with sit-to-stand desking (something all our staff have and we strongly recommend) and can help increase energy, boost productivity and reduce back pain.

HÅG Capisco Puls in not just great to sit in and great to look at, it's also eco, uses sustainable materials, low carbon manufacturing and is largely made from recycled materials.

Planning to use this chair all day?
You'll be grateful for the added padding from the upholstered seat that the 8020 model offers!
Or if you want to be able to sit for long days in a fully upholstered seat head over to the Capisco.

Perfect for Sit to Stand

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A Brilliant Office Chair Manufacturer:

HAG Brand Profile

Made in a factory nestled in the Norwegian hillsides about half way up the west coast, HAG is a special company.

We passionately believe HAG's chairs are among the most effective healthy-sitting chairs - especially when combined with our coaching and expertise.

We can show you how to get the absolute best out of any HAG chair with our years of understanding. We know them better than the manufacturers themselves. 

HAG  A Brilliant Office Chair Manufacturer