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Leg Support While Sitting

Often overlooked (literally!) feet benefit from movement and footrests are beneficial in preventing a static/sustained position.

This is a beautifully designed footrest with a wooden top surface available in cherry or a stained black finish and rubberised nonslip points.  Benefits of using a footrest include:

* Increased circulation (helpful in alleviating/preventing Varicose veins and Deep Vein Thrombosis

* Reduced pressure on the legs

* Allowing short people to have a firm foot surface

* Encouraging movement and good posture

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Humanscale® FM500 Footrest

Elegant wooden footrest, perfect for home and office use.

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Quickstep Footrest

This gives extra floor height and is far superior to static alternatives. The Quickstep further activates the circulation and stimulates co-ordination. It stretches the calf muscles and gives the soles of the feet a comfortable massage.

  • Tilting footrest, stimulates circulation
  • Foot massager
  • Balance training


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Score Pro 959 Footrest In Stock

Easy to use, fast and safe to operate, the Score Pro 959 footrest has an adjustment range between 9 cm and 37 cm and a tilt angle of up to 22°, allowing users to choose the most comfortable and appropriate working position. Its’ non slip feet ensure it will operate safely on any type of floor finish with the large non-slip footboard accommodating any foot size.

Standard Lead Time: 2 working days

Warranty: 5 years

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HAG Stepup Footrest

HÅG StepUp grants you two extra levels to move your feet (4 in total) to when you're sitting down. You can move your feet on the floor, on the footplate of the star base, on the StepUp plate and on the globe - all in harmony with the chair.

  • Two extra levels for your feet
  • Greater variety of seating positions
  • Stimulating circulation
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • for use with 150, 200, 265mm gas lifts
  • Suited desk heights: 80-95 cm


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HAG Foot Ring - Made To Order

Perfect for task chairs at high desks.

  • Additional height for the feet to the rest on
  • A good solution for foot support whilst sitting on high desk
  • Greater variation of seating positions
  • Easily attached and removed from the chair
  • Compatible with 200 and 265mm gas lifts


Total: £120 with FREE delivery

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