For Walking

For Walking

Put your best foot forward and beat back pain while out and about

For Walking

MBT Shoes - Get Fitter While You Walk

Love the way they make you feel.

Explore the latest range of MBTs online and find some 'last seasons' styles at excellent prices.

MBT shoes can change the way most of us use our muscles as well as reduce shock forces to the entire skeletal system. 

MBT Shoes - Online Purchase Only

Joya Shoes - Bliss For Your Back

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"The comfiest shoes I have worn in years, and I've worn a lot!"  - LN

We love Joya for many reasons. Both Joya and MBT shoes encourage symmetrical healthy posture, which provides relief to over-stressed back, hip and knee joints. Even a small increase in symmetry can make a huge difference to the quality of life for back pain sufferers.

Joya Shoes

Adjustable Back Support

Harley Support Belts provide vital support to the lower and mid back. Many of our customers will use this immediately after surgery to aid recovery and to give them added strength.

With 12 months Guarantee.

Harley Support Belt

Recovery From a Long Walk

The Mobiliser SystemTM - developed to help people who feel stuck in everlasting back pain. Typically used when pain has lasted 6+ months and hasn't responded to rest, drugs or treatment.

The Mobiliser

Balanced Posture & Core Fitness

The Humantool is for those who want to beat back pain by getting fitter rather than by supporting their back. It's a modern ergonomic approach for reversing the damage that static ergonomic sitting is known to cause.

We find sitting on The Humantool (without touching the backrest) causes the spine to balance and micro-move, and hence to be exercised. Plus it works brilliantly for those for whom walking is relatively comfortable but sitting is not.

Human Tool Saddle Seat

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