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Stressless President Recliner

Stressless President Recliner

A Former President

We have ONE chair at a great price.  Only available In-store only at Marlow.

Its in the Medium Size, and its Beet Red, a subdued red nearer to burgandy but lighter :-)

This model is no longer current in the Stressless catalogue so try it in store asap and if the colour dosesnt suit you will be show you the current alternatives.

Stressless Elevator Kit/Ring

The Stresssless® Elevator Kit and Elevator Ring increases the height of the whole chair, most improtantly raising the seat height to a position that ergonomically suits you.

You are more likely to need the Elavator Ring if you are tall, or have long legs.

Base Options
Elevator Ring for Classic Base: Items bought seperately for Chair and Footstool - Available in 3 sizes to match your chair - Raises by 3.5cm
Elevator Kit for Signature Base: Comes as a set for the Chair and Footstool - One size fits all - Raises by 3cm
Leg Comfort Base: Choose the Classic Base Elavator Ring, you will need the option for the 'Chair Only'.

Need Assistance?
It is important to choose the right type and size for your chair, if you need any assistance, please call us and we will guide you to the right choice.

Total: £69 with FREE delivery
Stressless Leather Cleaning Kit

The Stressless Leather Care Kit is a all-in-one clean and protect application kit that provides cleaning and protection of leather furnitures.

Stressless Leather Care Kit includes:

  • 250ml Leather Cleaner - can be used on all pigmented leather and removes most soiling and water based stains.
  • 250ml Leather Protection - can be used on most leather and protects leather furnitures from dirt, grease, alcohol and oil stains.
  • Leather Wipes.

Application should be repeated every 6 months to keep chair/recliners in like new condition.

  1. Medium
  2. Large
Stock: More than 22 in stock
Total: £30
Stressless City Headrest
RRP £132

Designed to give extra comfort to your Stressless chair, this headrest is easy to adjust in height.

  1. Calido
  2. Silva
  3. Batick
  4. Cori
  5. Paloma
  6. Noblesse
Total: £112.20 with FREE delivery RRP £132

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